The 10th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics –FMGM2018 as an acronym, will be held at the Convention Center in Windsor Barra Hotel, in the City of Rio de Janeiro, during July 17-20, 2018. FMGM symposia has been held every four years since 1983, in Zurich, Kobe (1987), Oslo (1991), Bergamo (1985), Singapore (1999), Oslo (2003), Boston (2007), Berlin (2011) and Sydney(2015).

The program will include Special Lectures, Technical Presentations, Forum for Young FMGM Engineers, Poster Sessions, Exhibitions, Workshops and Technical Tours, as well as a parallel non-technical program.

The role of field performance measurements in the risks assessment and control of the natural geohazards and man-made failure in the design, construction and operation of engineered facilities, has become a fundamental issue in engineering practice.

The 10th FMGM will cover traditional and innovative themes and will give those interested in instrumentation and measurements an opportunity to meet to exchange ideas, experiences and, above all, to strength the concept relating security, economy and other social and welfare demands with field performance measurements.

This Symposium will promote inter-disciplinary insights, addressing topics related to human issues and to critical and smart infrastructure and construction, highlighting how the measurements of field performance can transform our understanding and management of infrastructure in densely populated cities and urban areas.


  • Pedricto Rocha Filho, PUC-Rio (Chairman).
  • Alessander Korman, ABMS.
  • Carlos Henrique Medeiros, CBDB.
  • Claudio S. Amaral, PETROBRAS.
  • Fernando Leyser Gonçalves CBT.
  • Fernando M. Marinho, USP.
  • Fernando Schnaid, UFRGS.
  • Luiz E. Prado de Campos. UFBA.
  • Luís Melges, Golder-UERJ.
  • Monica Moncada, Fugro-UFF.
  • Tiago Ern (AIG Seguros)


  • Martin Beth – Soldata Group, France
  • Helmut Bock – Q+S Consult, Germany
  • E DiBiagio – Norwegian Geotchnical Institute, Norway
  • Phil M Dight – Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Australia.
  • J Dunnicliff – Geotechnical Instrumentation Consultant, U.K.
  • M Fowler – Pells Sullivan Meynink, Australia.
  • J Gattermann – Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany.
  • Peter Lamb – Coffey, Australia
  • CF Leung – National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • WA Marr – Geocomp Corporation, USA
  • Paolo Mazzanti – NHAZCA S.r.l., Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • PE Mikkelsen – GeoMetron Inc OS, USA
  • Daniel Naterop – Sisgeo, Switzerland
  • T Peters – Deltares, Netherlands
  • Michele Salvoni – University of Western, Australia
  • G Pezzetti – SMAK s.a.s., Italy
  • Andrew Ridley – Geotechnical Observations Limited, UK
  • Pedricto Rocha Filho – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Tony Simmonds – Geokon, USA


  • Alessandra Leitão / Creact.eve – Event Management
  • Bluma Gamerman / PUC-Rio – Exhibitor Coordinator
  • Marcus Moura / CliqueAqui Comunicação Interativa – Web Development
  • Beatriz P Hirano – Registrar Secretariat
  • Vinicius Braga – Scientific Secretariat
  • Carlos Marcel / PUC-Rio – IT Supporter


  • Documents the state-of-the-art in instrumentation.
  • Explore risk management strategies.
  • Serve as a platform for transferring knowledge and insight from practitioners to researches and vice-versa.
  • Promote fundamental and applied research into instrumentation.
  • Gain improved understanding of advancements in instrumentations.
  • Promote interest in the subject amongst early career researchers and students.
  • Provide an international platform for people involved in geo-instrumentation and field measurements: Researcher, practitioners, manufacturers and service providers.


  • Slope stability.
  • Civil tunnelling.
  • Underground space.
  • Dam safety.
  • Foundation.
  • Water flow and monitoring.
  • Emerging technology.
  • Case studies and field experiments.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Smart Infrastructure and Construction monitoring.
  • Remote system.
  • Project.
  • Human factors in geo-instrumentation.
  • Deep water
  • Physical modeling